Vengeance is the act of turning anger in on yourself. Citations vengeance - Découvrez 80 citations sur vengeance parmi les meilleurs ouvrages, livres et dictionnaires des citations d'auteurs français et étrangers. Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a man’s nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. Quotes about revenge and karma. When people get hurt, they learn to hate and want revenge. Vengeance comes a little from the heart and a lot from the mind; one must take oneself apart from the noise of men and of things, even from what resembles them; only the voices of bells and of thunder are allowed. "Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of..." - Samuel Johnson quotes from martin luther king il n’y a point de plus haute vengeance vengeance: citations sur vengeance parmi une collection de . Revenge (verb) To take one's revenge (on or upon) someone. 2. la vengeance, l’agression et l’esprit de revanche. The terms revenge and vengeance are closely intertwined, which is why there is no wonder that they are often confused. Karma is a bitch and as the old saying goes karma is best served cold. citations vengeance découvrez citations et proverbes sur vengeance sélectionnés par dicocitations &le monde. Revenge is, by nature, personal; justice is impersonal, impartial, and both a social and legal phenomenon. The driving impetus behind revenge is to get even, to … Revenge (verb) To take vengeance; to revenge itself. Page 1 sur un total de 4 pages. Oct 16, 2019 - Explore Mothi Aniruth's board "Vengeance quotes" on Pinterest. Key Difference: In terms of context, revenge is more personal, while the use of the term vengeance implies justice and honor. See more ideas about quotes, vengeance quotes, words. But when we call our vengeance justice, then that justice just breeds more revenge and it becomes a chain of hatred. For the taking of revenge, a man locks himself up alone and thinks. Jun 22, 2020 - Explore Dep's board "Vengeance quotes" on Pinterest. Revenge, lust, ambition, pride, and self-will are too often exalted as the gods of man's idolatry; while holiness, peace, contentment, and humility are viewed as unworthy of a serious thought. Vengeance implies righteousness, whereas revenge is dirty, vile or cheap depending on the situation used. See more ideas about quotes, vengeance quotes, revenge quotes. Revenge (verb) To take revenge for (a particular harmful action), to avenge. "Arsenal revenged its loss to Manchester United last time with a 5-0 drubbing this time." “Revenge is a dish best eaten cold and there is no sweeter dish than outliving an enemy” ― Don Darkes, 6692 Pisces the Sailfish tags: revenge , revenge-is-sweet Revenge-citation. On Appelle ça Le Karma Citation Citation Belles The Best Revenge By Unknown Author Karma Citation Et Namasté Citation Damour Citation Karma Vengeance Description : ... 5 articles taggés Vengeance. Revenge (noun) A win by the previous loser. His stomach must be empty for his head to be full. CITATIONS REVENGE. le moyen d’en sortir est l’amour.